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Social media has no context

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Social media liberates.

It made everyone its own media.

Mass media has gone viral. Reaching millions in a single tweet.

You don’t need an army of writers. It’s just you–plus a reliable Internet connection and a smartphone.

You no longer consume media. You are creating more by the minute.

Social media obliterated some news media. Because news is finding you. You don’t go searching for it.

News happens fast. It breaks on Twitter.

You don’t have to wait in line to react to news. You can comment, fire an emoji, or develop a reaction video. You have the mic now.

But with power comes responsibility, Spidey says.

Social media confounds.

Many remain oblivious of its power to create and destroy.

Governments were toppled. But new powers emerged.

Presidents abused it. Politicians used it.

It amplified crowd-sourcing. So it did for trolling.

What was once a venue to speak out, it is now a platform for propaganda.

Journalists are attacked. Celebrities are cancelled.

No one is safe from social. It has no context.

Social media connects.

Social media birthed communities. It drove conversations.

But it brought forth mobs, bullies, and conspiracies.

Sadly, these so-called platforms are gaining more from this.

Privacy is in question. Cybercrimes are increasing.

Identities are stolen. Fraudsters are smarter.

Social media connects, right?

Wrong. It disconnects. It fractures society, normalizes abhorrent behavior, rewards the unkind.

Social media stays.

Like other mediums, social media is here.

It’s necessary. It’s useful. (It puts food on the table).

We need rules. We need limits. We need to manage it.

(It’s a full-time job to do so).

Lessons learned.

Social media has NO context. Don’t judge it quickly.

There is more to a tweet. It’s a thread. It’s a conversation. Reconnect. Follow sensible influencers.

Don’t join the bandwagon. Break the rules. Do not conform.

Speak out. Never be afraid of being cancelled.



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