Turning 47 during a pandemic

Back then when we still can go out and visit historical spots like this famous monument in Bataan.
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Our quarantined life

The biggest fear that many of us have right now is getting infected with the coronavirus, which has killed thousands worldwide. With no vaccine in sight this year or even in the next two years, I fear that spending time outside of the four corners of your home is like heading into a battle against an invisible enemy.

An unforgettable year

No one will argue with you when you say 2020 is a year that will be etched in your brains, forever. The year started poorly, if you try to scan the news from January to this moment.

  1. Productivity at work has dramatically increased — admit it or not. Is this a good evidence that working remotely or from anywhere will not decrease productivity? For naysayers who think that work cannot be done remotely, well, they’re wrong. You can do more work from home or from anywhere as one colleague puts it boldly.
  2. We’ve connected and re-connected with more people. Yes, we’ve had endless late evening chats and video calls with family, friends, and even friends of friends whom we have never even connected prior to the pandemic. This is all thanks to technology.
  3. We took on new hobbies, upped our skills, and read a few more pages of a book. My wife and kids have learned to cook new delicious dishes they have picked up from YouTube. I have seen friends, colleagues taking up baking. And yes, I have finished more e-books now because I am not wasting time stuck in a traffic jam. So, yay for us!
  4. We’ve been drawn closer to our Creator. I am the first to admit this. When you’re too busy with life, time spent on our spiritual lives declines to almost nil. Many people have turned to prayers and spirituality in this time of crisis. Why? Because we’re always searching for answers to life’s biggest questions.
  5. We’re back to basics and realizing we can survive with little, but essential things. Lifestyles have changed. New habits have emerged. They call it the new normal, but what is it? The pandemic has thrown a monkey wrench into our personal finances, for one. People have lost their jobs because of this pandemic. For those of us who have jobs, we’re forced to rethink about money. It is also pushing us to think about saving up. The pandemic has definitely given us pause; a time to think about personal finances, especially the money that we can save. Are we spending beyond our means? Are we even budgeting our money every month? Are we tracking expenses, loan payments, interests, etc. Money issues are palpable during crisis.
  6. Finally, one of the things that we’ve regained from this year’s experience is time. I believe that time lost to traffic jams, to long commutes, and sometimes work meetings, were given back to us. It is now up to us to figure how we’re spending that time. So, if you find yourself with more free time at home, spend a few minutes having conversations with the kids minus the screens. Spend 20 minutes exercising (I keep telling myself this everyday). And, spend a bit more for rumination about life — and not work. It can help you cope with life during a pandemic.



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Erwin Lemuel Oliva

Erwin Lemuel Oliva

An ex-journalist. Teacher. Dad. Loves Guitar & Books. Writes when inspiration hits.