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It feels as if you’re muddling through your days, looking at your life through a foggy windshield. –Adam Grant, New York Times

You’re a hamster in a wheel.

Laboring, waiting for the day to end.

You stare at the screen on some days.

Working from home, you feel disconnected. Screenburned, that is what you are.

Hours in front of a screen, you hear people talk.

Their voice resonates from your headphone. They also work from home.

In a group chat with colleagues, a remark makes you smile.

Snarky, that one.

You respond with a laughing .gif. Someone answers with a like!

Haters will be haters! You mutter and laugh.

Humdrum days ahead, you look at your bed nearby. It is inviting when days are slow.

You look at the time. It’s almost lunch. You finish your coffee. You move your mouse, and click on your inbox. Twenty messages pop on. You’re multitasking. You scribble down to-dos, pause, and check off the first task as done. You open your calendar. You have two meetings, each running for an hour, maybe.

You wish to skip both meetings. You can’t. You can take notes, just to keep busy.

Busy is your buzzword. Working smart? Doubtful. Meetings drag on. So you listen mostly, and chat your thoughts or questions. Your mind is elsewhere. Multitasking. Daydreaming. You want to walk to a nearby cafe to consume latte.

Ideas come when you’re idle. It hits you when you’re taking a leak, or about to sleep.

Most days, you’re the last one awake. You love the quiet. Only the steady whir of the AC breaks the silence. It also cools the dry air.

Days turn to nights. Nights turn to weeks. Weeks turn to months. Months turn to a year. You keep asking, “Why?” That feeling of meh creeps in. You laugh but you’re joyless. You know what to finish but you’re aimless. You’re languishing.

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