Building my ITX PC, DIY-style

and started my journey into the rabbit hole

my first custom-built PC in years

So the question was: What Computer Specs do I need for Music Production PC?

The minimum recommended computer specs for music production are:

CPU: A minimum 2.2Ghz i7 quad-core processor & 64-bit operating system. ✔

Memory: A minimum of 16GB of RAM.✔✔

Storage: A minimum of 500GB HDD or preferably SSD (faster). You’ll also need external storage for storing your audio files (a minimum of 500GB).👌

Monitors: At least a 15-inch screen and having dual screens is preferable. ✔

Mouse: A mouse with side scroll feature. ❤

A few weeks after our chat, I got back a list of more components that I needed to requisition through local PC distributors.

CPU: 2.9Ghz with a 6-core processor & 64-bit operating system 👍

Memory: 16 GB of RAM 😍

Storage: 1 TB SSD NVME (yes, SSD is indeed faster). I didn’t buy an external storage.✔✔

Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix Z490-I Gaming, a small-form factor (SSF) motherboard that fits into a compact ITX case. 😎

Monitor: Got a right-sized one

Mouse/Keyboard: Got a wired gaming mouse that comes with side-scroll and a mechanical keyboard that lights up like Christmas.

I also bought a standard power supply, a CPU air cooler, and two extra fans to cool the insides of this ITX PC build.

Now comes the building

My friend-colleague and I initially agreed that she will help me assemble this new PC rig.

Watch these useful YouTube tutorials:

Cooler Master NR200P Air Cooled PC Build Guide

Guide: What to do AFTER building your computer…

Ultra Airflow, Zero RGB — 1440p ITX Gaming Build

I watched each video and asked questions, if necessary. I skimmed through the manual for more specific steps. (At this point, my head was spinning).

We did it.

The trouble begins

But first, I needed to check if the PC runs.

Reseating the RAM to see if that works.

Troubleshooting is fun 😍

Fresh from a five-hour sleep, I looked at my messy PC build with renewed interest the next day. My challenge was to figure out why it won’t run.

  1. Check that all power cables are adequately connected to the three primary locations. (The right cables and wires should be placed on the right pins).
  2. Reseat the RAM. (Removed the RAM from their slots and replaced them).
  3. Reseat the video card. (Same as item number 2).
  4. Clear the CMOS battery. (This, I didn’t do).
  • Power Supply
  • Motherboard
  • CPU
  • 1x stick of RAM

More troubleshooting tips here

It pays to read the manual.
It’s alive!!!
Windows 10 setup.



An ex-journalist. Teacher. Dad. Loves Guitar & Books. Writes when inspiration hits.

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An ex-journalist. Teacher. Dad. Loves Guitar & Books. Writes when inspiration hits.