2020 lessons learned (and unlearned)

A personal reflection on the year that was

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ime flew. I’m still reeling from memories of a lockdown. But today was quite different — or that was at least what I was thinking. Admittedly, I’m struggling to find words of late, save for the lessons I have learned in 2020.

“Well, life is short!,” you tell me. 2020 reminded us of our fleeting time on Earth, our mortality, our limited and borrowed time, our purpose in this life.

Indeed, 2020 pushed us to ask over and over, “Why is this happening?”

Then, I came across Psalms 90:12, which says, “Teach us the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.”

What does this mean?

Life takes on meaning if you understand why you are here. It’s not about work, or your dream career. It’s not about the material wealth that comes with worldly “success.” I also read further into Proverbs 3:1 to 2, which clearly states that when you follow His teachings, and you keep His commandments, you will have a prosperous life.

Now, take a moment to reflect on that.

Life comes with toils and troubles. But if you understand that life is but short, you need to spend that time well with Him. And you need to do His work, while you’re still here. Sounds simple? No.

We get easily distracted with so-called life’s pursuit of happiness. It’s not going to be a bed of roses for those of us who follow His path. However, it becomes less toilsome when we walk with Him.

The biggest lesson in 2020 for me is realizing how wayward we have become. The pandemic reminded us of our frail bodies, vulnerable to infectious diseases. Surely, the body suffers, but the spirit should be nourished, be kept strong and sturdy. It needs the Word.

For when we understand the brevity of life, we become wiser. We will stop wasting our time on “empty activities.”

“Satisfy us every morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.” (Psalms 90:14)



An ex-journalist. Teacher. Dad. Loves Guitar & Books. Writes when inspiration hits.

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An ex-journalist. Teacher. Dad. Loves Guitar & Books. Writes when inspiration hits.